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Welcome to the Mews of Turtle Mills!
Community Clean Up
The Board recently hired Absolute Quality Lawn Care to clean up along the perimeter of the community, including branches, leaves, debris, brush, etc.  This was done at a pretty significant cost, but it was a project that had long been discussed.
During the clean up, it was evident that there are people that are dumping in the wood line, whether it be garbage, flower pots, dead plants, etc.  In addition, in the bushes next to the sport court, over twenty bags of dog waste were picked up and removed.  There were also piles of dog waste throughout the area.
If you are walking your dog anywhere in the community, you must pick up after the dog and properly dispose of any droppings.
As this area has now been cleaned, and at a significant cost, no one is to dump anything in the wood line.  If you see someone doing it, please contact Management.
On behalf of the Board, we are asking for your anticipated cooperation in keeping this area clean.  It is up to all of us to keep our community beautiful!


Please be advised that per the Borough of West Long Branch, all decks in the community have been inspected and can be occupied.

Pool Update
As a follow up to the email sent on Monday, today the township came out and inspected our pool and issued the pool permit.  Therefore, we will be opening the pool on Saturday, June 26th at 9:00AM.  Hours will be 9:00AM – 8:00PM.
If you want to use the pool this weekend, all paperwork that was sent to you must be filled out and returned to my office no later than 10AM on Friday, June 25th.  You may email the paperwork, or drop it off to the management office.  ALL paperwork must be filled out, the fob will not be activated if it is not completely filled out and returned.
There will be a sign in sheet in the pool area.  All people must be listed on the sign in sheet, which is a requirement as part of the Department of Health regulations.  If we find people are not signing in, we will not be able to keep the pool open.
As a reminder, at this time, there is no bathroom, no pool furniture, although you may bring your own chairs, and no guests allowed.
If you are not current with your maintenance payments, your fob will not be activated.

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